Huron Peak is tucked inside the Sawatch Range south of Independence Pass along with many other high mountins. At 14,005 feet, Huron just sneaks into the collection of Colorado highest 52 mountains, the Fourteeners. The small red flag near the bottom of the map marks Huron's location. Colin and I first hiked up the mountain on 03 July 2005.

The trail up Huron starts at the ghost town of Wingate at 10,260 feet and runs south along a glacial valley. After some two miles, at 10,600 feet, the fun starts. The trail rises 3,400 feet within another two miles, a 32% grade. It first rises steeply up a series of switchbacks, then comes out of the spruce and fir trees and passes through a wide basin below and west of the ridge running north from Huron to Browns Peak. The trail finally ascends up the northwest slope of Huron to the summit. Huron is the Sawatch fourteener furthest from a paved road. Although it's lower than all the others, it offers some of the best views of the range.