I was a news photographer, photo editor and then freelance photographer for five years. I then earned a Bachelor's degree in mathematics and for the next six years conducted basic research in experimental condensed matter physics at the University of Colorado. For the following 29 years, I was a scientist, engineer and project manager, inventing, mathematically modeling and developing award-winning optical devices, most being ferroelectric-liquid-crystal electrooptic devices. These include free-space and waveguide optical beam-steering devices, and liquid-crystal-on-silicon displays. The displays were applied to head-mounted displays, projection televisions and electronic viewfinders. I am an inventor on 18 US Patents and several foreign equivalents and an author on numerous technical articles in various scholarly journals and industry publications. I retired in 2010 and now devote my time to mathematics, natural sciences and photography. I also like to travel and to learn about the pre-history, cultural history and natural history of the places that I visit. I live in the Rocky Mountains west of Boulder, Colorado USA.