I arrived at my observation site a few minutes before totality. The site is on the north side of a very straight road leading from Wyoming state highway 159. The straight road intersects WSH 159 east of Tea Kettle Rock, and I was along the road some two miles east of the highway. The site's GPS coordinates are 42 13.990' north latitude and 104 08.850' west longitude and the altitude is 4475 feet above MSL. The site is on a wide, flat plain with a few buttes running in a shallow arc from Tea Kettle Rock on the west around to the north and ending nearly due east at a distance of about one mile. There is a ranch house about a mile to the north-east across the flat plain.

The weather at my site was perfect except for wind. The sky was completely clear, but there was a gusty wind which raised a trace of dust into the atmosphere but which created no problem. Strangely, to me, the wind died completely during totality and then resumed slowly throughout the following hour.